Posted by: Ces | November 25, 2007

Camiguin to implement coastal resource management

By Ma. Cecilia L. Rodriguez

October 2007

Mambajao, Camiguin Island—Known for its beautiful coastlines and rich marine resources, Camiguin now also holds its stature as one of the first provinces to institutionalize a comprehensive coastal resource management program.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has recently signed a memorandum of agreement with the provincial government of Camiguin for the implementation of a 5-year integrated coastal resource management system in 40 coastal barangays and five municipalities of the province.

Governor Jose Romualdo said the 5-year project will be funded by the New Zealand Agency for International Aid (NZAid) which he lobbied for years as a congressman of the province. “We have been waiting for this project. The New Zealand government will be helping us preserve Camiguin,” Romualdo told the Inquirer.


 NZAid has committed P116 million for the project, which includes, among others, the granting of livelihood enterprises for small fishermen living in the coastal communities of the island.


“It will be a comprehensive coastal resource management system. Besides livelihood projects, we will also implement regular coastal clean-ups and mangrove reforestation,” said Romualdo.


The project, as stated in the MOA, aims to institutionalize and sustain an integrated coastal resource management system in Camiguin to increase natural productivity and enhance the integrity of the coastal ecosystems while providing sustainable economic activities towards improved quality of life among the Camiguinons.


One of the components of the project is strengthening the capacity of Camiguin coastal communities and other concerned local government units to protect and manage the municipal waters and the limited productive nearshore ecosystems and their resources.


An estimated 10,378 households in the island stands to benefit from the project. As of 2004, there were 14,826 households in Camiguin, with 40% of coastal households and 30% among upland households engaged in fishing activities.


Other agencies that signed the MOA were the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Tourism, the National Economic and Dev’t Authority and Camiguin Polytechnic State College.


Hundreds of tourists, both foreign and domestic, travel to Camiguin all year for its world-class diving sites and volcanic springs.


  1. Hello.. Good Day…
    Thanks for your write-ups that you’ve posted because it helped a lot as I did my Project Proposal and to other Fisheries students. Actually, I am also from Camiguin.
    Thank you so much….

    Truly yours,
    Warren G. Caños

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